1 on 1 Consulting

Want to pick my brain? Have some detailed questions about how to get your brand or biz on track? Frustrated with how to grow on social media? Unsure of how to market your products or services? Looking for insights on how to build your brand or business?

During our 30 minute or 1 hr coaching session, you can ask me anything and I will answer all of your burning questions. You’ll leave knowing all the insights, helpful tips, and the next steps to take in your brand, blog, or biz.

Topics we can cover include:

Starting/Growing a Blog, Brand, or Biz

-Content Curation 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ways to Monetize Your Brand or Biz 

What Types of Content to Post

The Best Times to Post 

Increasing Engagement

Understanding Your Analytics 

Planning Content 

How to Engage Your Audience

-How to Market on IG

Creating Products/Services

How to Grow Your Audience 

Call to Actions to Implement

Creating Copy That Sells 

-How to Convert Content into Sales

Leave with action steps on what to do next. Let’s glow up your brand or biz. Enter your information below to get started today!

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