How I “Finessed” an $83 Roundtrip Flight to Vegas?

by Aug 14, 20190 comments

Let’s be honest, Vegas is expensive AF! Domestic flights usually range anywhere between $500-$600+ but I secured an $83 roundtrip flight from Washington, DC to Las Vegas, Nevada for January 2018 travel by using the oldest trick in the game- flight vouchers! 


Here’s How:

Last June, my flight from DC to Miami was significantly delayed by 8 hours due to a mechanical issue. Can you say pissed? I was therefore offered a $200 voucher for the inconvenience and my troubles. What I assumed to be a nightmare turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


Some may argue that the amount is a little too low for the long wait. However considering the fact that I paid $160 for the initial flight deal and only required a travel time of 2 hours to my destination, I saw this as a win-win and I could and would not complain.

If you are a newbie to the travel world, vouchers are essentially “cash” or “credits” that can be used toward future travel with a particular airline. Airlines typically will offer travel vouchers for oversold or significantly delayed flights – take advantage of this if and when possible.


Although a daunting task, keep this in mind before you decide to be mouthy and go off on the gate attendants. I know you’re angry but don’t miss out on your blessings by being messy, nasty and simply cursing folks out. These vouchers are usually good for use within one year and come in handy when least expected.

So how did I “finesse” a future flight to Vegas for $83? -Easy! I simply applied the $200 credit to my $283 roundtrip flight deal purchase, leaving me with an $83 balance and the rest was history.