Everyone Can’t Come- Friends to Avoid When Traveling

by Aug 30, 20190 comments

It’s no secret that traveling with friends is stressful AF between collecting monies and organizing activities for strong-minded opinionated individuals; you’re ready to throw in the towel before the trip even starts. Your tribe can make or break your trip, so choose wisely. Unfortunately, everyone can’t come!

There is the “broke” friend, the “I am going but pulls out at the last minute” friend, the “irresponsible, gets too turnt” friend, the “gets mad about every little thing” friend and lastly the “micro-managing momma, can’t have fun friend.”

Pro Tip: For the sake of your friendship, mental health, and peace of mind – avoid all of them when traveling. “Sarah” may be your BFF but sis may need to stay home, sorry not sorry.

Remember when your momma said, you can’t live with just anyone. The same logic applies to travel. You can’t travel with everyone either, and you have to be ok with this. Some chapters or seasons of your life will need to be experienced alone or with other individuals who may not be a part of your immediate circle.

However, if you are considering a girls’ trips; the secret to successfully traveling with friends like any relationship is -compatibility! You must travel with friends that you are compatible with and vibe the most with.

Of course, no trip is 100 percent perfect or without a hitch! Compatibility does not necessarily guarantee that there won’t be any problems either but at least when they do arise (i.e missed flights/luggage, stolen phones, long lines), you all will have a common ground & understanding to not let this ruin your trip. 

Remember everyone can’t come & that’s ok! Leave your problematic friends at home sis. Are you willing to avoid these friends for the sake of travel?