How I Spent Under $500 for a round trip flight deal to Spain

by Aug 30, 20190 comments

Traveling is expensive, they say! But last November, my friends and I booked a $462 roundtrip flight to Barcelona, Spain and you can do so too without a six figure salaried income.

How Sway? Every so often, airlines offer glitch fares or travel deals to anywhere imaginable in the world. This has led me to travel to 6 countries in the span of one year – Italy, Mexico, Paris, London, Jamaica & Puerto Rico. Take advantage of this, trust me there is no shame. Utilize your search engines, Skyscanner, Groupon, Travel Zoo or Go Last Minute sites to find reasonable deals on flights and hotel accommodations.

My secret is to almost always go wherever the best deal is! Now keep in mind that the best deals are often offered through the largest airport hubs, that’s your Atlanta, Miami, New York, DC, and California etc. If you aren’t residing in any of these cities, don’t let this deter you- secure that flight, catch the bus to NY if you have to and don’t look back.

When booking or searching for any flights, be sure to always utilize your incognito or private windows in your browsers. Also, If you are tech savvy, change the currency. It is extremely cheaper to pay in local currency than U.S dollars. My favorite travel guru/influencer (bestie in my head), Rachel Travels offers courses on travel hacking and finding some of the best deals.

Now that you know the “big” secret to budget friendly traveling, prioritize savings and any other disposable income you may have. Responsibly, utilize debit/credit cards (DO NOT go overboard, I repeat DON’T go for broke). Deals are literally announced at any minute or hour of the day, so stay ready.

Now what’s stopping you, adventure awaits!