What They Don’t Tell You About Traveling Abroad

by Sep 7, 20190 comments

The most imperative part about preparing for upcoming travel besides booking flights and activities or finding affordable lodging is ensuring that you are up to date and have the proper recommended vaccinations (if needed) for your trip in order to avoid potentially becoming ill during or after travel.

Being precautious should always be the first step. If you’re an adventurous eater, you may come in contact with contaminated food or water even if you intend to stay at a hotel or resort. You may also come in contact with a blood-borne disease through mosquito bites.

What they don’t tell you is that most health insurers do not cover the costs of these travel vaccines. Therefore, leaving you fully responsible for 100 percent of the costs. Fortunately, vaccines for Hepatitis A are covered by most health insurance companies but these other vaccines are not and by no means cheap. In most instances, you will be charged $50-100 for a pre-travel consultation with your health care provider.

In addition to the travel consult, you will be charged for the administration of each vaccine such as Malaria ($59-$69) or Typhoid ($140+). Keep in mind that cost will vary depending on location and provider. One visit may result in a total cost of approximately $280.

The plus side to this is that an oral typhoid vaccine lasts for 5 years while a booster shot lasts for 2 years. However, a new Malaria prescription is needed each time, you intend to visit a Malaria infected region.

Always consult with your doctor but be sure to also take the initiative to research what’s recommended for your travel destination using the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) official website https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel

You may potentially reduce the cost and duration of your appointment by knowing this information beforehand.