3 Reasons Why You Should Pack Smart for Easy Travel

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I am sure many of you can relate when I say the packing struggle is all too real. There’s no such thing as too many clothes or shoes right? However, there’s such thing as “too much” when traveling internationally. Your excessiveness can cost you extra coins if you’re not careful.

If you know better than you’ll do better. Smart packing will make your life ten times easier. If you are preparing for your first international trip and traveling on a budget (balanced ballin’), here’s why smart packing will lead to easy travel:

 No unexpected additional fees

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If you are traveling on a budget like myself, the last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary funds on bag fees. Some airlines will charge you for checking a bag and you definitely will be charged for going over the weight limit when traveling internationally. There’s nothing worse than paying $100+ for an overweight bag so pack only the essentials, avoid bringing 20 outfits, and limit the number of shoes.

Patience is a virtue 

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As soon as you land, you can take off on your adventure with that carry on bag. Checked bags lead to longer wait periods and wasted time at the baggage claim/terminal. 

“Bag lady, you gon’ hurt your back” 

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Chile, the legendary singer Erykah Badu said it best. If you intend to hit the ground running, travel across multiple cities, have a mini Euro tour or even backpack through Asia then having excessive items will slow you and your group up. I was that “friend” in Italy, please don’t be her, especially during group travel. The itinerary may not allow for you to immediately go to your hotel or Airbnb, plan and pack accordingly.

Always remember to pack lightly, rid yourself of any emotional or physical baggage that may prevent you from having a great time overseas. Leave all of your troubles behind!

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